Apple to Reportedly Launch New AirPods Alongside MacBook Pro Next Month.

Apple to Reportedly Launch New AirPods Alongside MacBook Pro Next Month.

Apple is expected to debut a new pair of AirPods, probably the rumored AirPods Pro-life, next month.

Apple launched the new iPhone last week, and is now expected to launch two more products in May. Apple is reportedly planning a new pair of AirPods and MacBook Pro for the next month.

It comes from Jon Prosser, who was one of the few who correctly predicted the iPhone SE 2 launch. According to Prosser, Apple will launch alongside next-generation MacBook Pro AirPods next month. Both products are supposed to launch at Apple’s March event, which reportedly cancelled. Apple has launched its new MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, end of March.

New AirPods (which were supposed to be at the March Event) are now ready to go.

Probably alongside the MacBook Pro next month.

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) April 19, 2020

There hasn’t been much talk around a new version of AirPods. Also, Apple had launched the AirPods Pro just last October. But back in February, there was a DigiTimes report on an affordable version of the AirPods Pro dubbed AirPods Pro Lite. AirPods Pro-life was touted to come with features like the AirPods Pro, but it will be priced lower.

Move over Windows 10, it’s time to focus on Windows 20

DigiTimes also reported that production of the AirPods Pro Lite and other Apple products would be delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and shipments wouldn’t begin until after April. The May launch time for AirPods Pro-life could actually happen to go by this speculation.

There are no leaks or rumors as yet on the AirPods Pro-Lite other than its expected affordable price tag. The AirPods Pro is priced at Rs 24,990 in India, and it features a new design and active noise cancellation. It is also equipped to deliver up to four-and-a-half hours of listening time on a single charge.

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