Chinese Doctor Disappears after Blowing the Whistle on Coronavirus Threat

Chinese Doctor Disappears after Blowing the Whistle on Coronavirus Threat

Wuhan Ai Fen doctor, who expressed initial concerns about the coronavirus to the media, has disappeared and is believed to be detained by Chinese authorities.

Fen, head of the emergency in the Central Hospital of Wuhan, was given a warning after he was distributing information about coronavirus to several other doctors. He tells warning in an essay entitled, “The person who provided the whistle,” which was published in People (Renwu) China magazine. This article has been deleted.

A reprimand from his boss came after Fen took photos of positive test results of patients and whirling words ‘SARS coronavirus’ red.

He brought some coronavirus cases to the attention of his colleagues, eight of which were later summoned by police to disclose information about respiratory diseases, according to Radio Free Asia. One, ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, warned fellow med school graduates wearing protective clothing, an early warning condemned by the authorities as “rumour-mongering.” Wenliang eventually died from the virus itself.

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Fen social media accounts on China’s Weibo platform has been updated several times since his departure, although the Chinese authorities have been known to social media account updates in detention or ordered them to do it themselves. On Wednesday, a post appeared on her account reads “Happy April Fools’ Day,” with a picture in a lab coat and mask.

About two weeks ago, a post appeared on Fen account read, “Thank you for your care and love. I’m fine now, and I’m still working. ”

However, the existence of Fen now unknown, 60 Minutes Australia reported Monday.

China has confirmed a total of 81 554 infections and 3,312 deaths from coronavirus.

However, the US intelligence community concluded in a secret report Wednesday that China deliberately provided the full public number of cases and deaths from infectious coronavirus. In December, local and national officials issued a gag order to the lab in Wuhan after scientists there identified a new virus of pneumonia, ordered them to stop the test, destroy the sample, and hide the news.

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