Google Meet starts rolling out noise cancellation

Google Meet now supports noise cancellation to filter background noises during meetings.

Google announced four new features for Meet earlier this April. One of these was noise cancellation for meetings, and this feature is now available on Google Meet, Venture Beat reported.

Google Meet now supports noise cancellation that can be used to filter out background noises. This feature is rolling out first on the web and for G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. It will be available later for the Android and iOS apps of Google Meet.

Google says that noise cancellation on Meet will be able to filter out background noises like “your dog barking or keystrokes”. It even has a video showing that noise cancellation works outdoors in places like stations where it’s always crawling with people.

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Serge Lachapelle, G Suite director of product management, also told Venture Beat that Google Meet’s noise cancellation works on door slamming, dogs barking, and kids fighting and vacuum cleaners. He even demonstrated certain actions like moving a pen inside a mug, tapping on a can, rustling a plastic bag and applauding, and noise cancellation worked for all.

Google Meet’s noise cancellation feature will be turned on by default for G Suite customers. But if users want to turn it off, they can do so by going to Settings > Audio > Noise cancellation. Toggle on/off the feature as required. Google Meet is now free for everyone with a Gmail account, but there’s no word on whether noise cancellation will roll out to all users.

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