Steps to Help Your kids manage lockdown stress

Steps to Help Your kids manage lockdown stress

When children feel threatened, stress causes hormones to wreak havoc on the body and emotions. Fortunately, you can help.

Follow these simple tips to keep your kids emotionally, mentally and physically fit for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

Maintain a Routine

As far as possible, maintain a regular schedule for the children to reassure and improve physical and mental health. Children need structure, to encourage them to continue to learn, play, eat and sleep on the same schedule.

Keep Them Connected

Develop a plan for them to connect with friends or family safely, whether it’s by phone, text or video chat.

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Pay Attention to Your Words

When tensions are high, sometimes we try to place blame or focus our energies on others. Remember, the virus can infect anyone, so do not make assumptions about who might have COVID-19. In addition, be aware of any other adult comments made about your children, explain what those comments mean if they differ from the values ​​you teach.

Manage Media Consumption

Limit the amount of screen time is focused on COVID-19. Too much information can lead to unnecessary anxiety. Let your child know that not everything they hear on TV or the internet is accurate, and inform them that you will help them find factual information as they need it. This not only will reduce their anxiety, but you as well. Encourage your children to engage in other activities instead.

Give Them Things To Do

Keeping a child’s mind to focus on specific tasks, they eliminate a lot of stress. You can play structure, assign tasks, or asking them to make something, anything. Their minds could be hyper-focused on the surrounding stimuli – good or bad. Ask them to create art, make a birdhouse, clean house, thank caregivers with a note or a picture or participate in the 19th hunting COVID heart on social media. Keep their minds focused on the goal and not on things beyond their control.

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