Netflix Now Features an External Subscription Option on iOS

Netflix Now Features an External Subscription Option on iOS

If you try to subscribe to Netflix for iOS through the app in the future, then you will be taken onto the Netflix website to set up new subscriptions. You don’t need to purchase the app subscription through the Apple App Store.

This is part of a more significant policy shift by Apple that allows you to subscribe to app services directly from the developer’s website. In this case, it is Netflix, but as you can see, it will not be restricted to that. This applies to all “reader” apps, which provide digital material such as video, music, audio, books, newspapers, magazines, and so on.


Here’s How The External Subscription Works For Netflix and Other Apps

So, when you click the Netflix subscribe button, the following message will appear as a pop-up: “Any accounts or purchases made outside this app will be maintained by the developer “Netflix.” Payment methods saved in your App Store account, as well as related functions such as subscription management and refund requests, will be unavailable. Apple is not liable for the privacy or security of any transactions conducted with this developer.”

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If you accept the message, click Continue, which will take you to the Netflix website. There, you provide your personal information, choose a payment method, and select a Netflix plan. If you’re wondering what the big deal is about this Apple Policy Change, it allows Netflix to avoid paying the 30% (up to 1 year) or 15% (beyond 1 year) Apple Tax for any new membership payment made within iOS apps.

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