TikTok top global app, Remove China Apps removed and more

TikTok top global app, Remove China Apps removed and more

More tech news for today include Google’s Android TV dongle leak in pictures, Zoom reporting its quarterly earnings and BTS edition of Samsung’s products.

Google Play Store is back in the news and this time it’s for removing the app that deletes China apps. Zoom also had a good presence today with news of its user base surging and about encrypting calls.

TikTok also emerged as the most downloaded non-game app globally in May. Then we got a look at Google’s new Android TV dongle. Some K-Pop in tech too with a BTS edition for the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy S20.

So Here’s a Breakdown of all that Made Headlines in Tech Today

Remove China Apps Removed

Google has removed the “Remove China Apps” app from its Play Store. The app detected some Chinese apps on smartphones for users to delete them easily. The app had almost one million downloads and it was even the top-free app on Google Play. This is the second app Google has removed after the TikTok-rival Mitron.

Remove China Apps is No Longer on the Google Play Store

Zoom Earnings, Encryption Details.

Zoom’s popularity surged due to Covid-19, and the company even had one of its best quarters in 2020. Zoom reported a revenue generation of $328 million in the quarter between February and April. Zoom also revealed that it will not encrypt calls for its free users. It also said that it plans to work with the FBI, something Zoom users may not be happy about.

TikTok Downloads

TikTok took back its top spot in May, beating Zoom with the highest number of downloads. TikTok had over 111.9 million installs during the month of May. The app also continued to receive the most downloads from India where ironically people have been boycotting the app.

Samsung x BTS

BTS fans are in for a treat as Samsung is working on a special edition of the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy S20. Pictures of the BTS edition products have already leaked, and Samsung has also teased something similar. The BTS edition of Galaxy Buds+ comes in purple with the K-Pop group’s logo and the heart symbol.

Google’s New Dongle

Google has been rumoured of working on a new Android TV dongle, one that will finally compete with the Amazon Fire TV stick. Leaked images revealed what is said to be the official look of the streaming dongle, which looks like a pebble-shaped Chromecast.

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